Welcome to Refugees Run

Refugees Run is a club for running in Innsbruck/Tirol. Our members share the love to run. Everybody is welcome here – it does not matter if you are a beginner, an advanced learner or a professional runner. Everybody is welcome at our running club.

No boarders

It does not matter from which continent are you or where are you born. If you like to run or if you are a beginner – Refugees Run is the right address for you. We are one – for us there are no borders! We share the love for running.

Boarders only exist in mind. We – the runners from Refugees Run – go over these boarders.

We override these boarders when we …

  • exercise together
  • prepare in a team for competitions and runnings
  • start together at competitions
  • talk together

Come to the training

Refugees Run supports his members with the training, with the choice of competitions und the preparations to this competitions. We help all our members with all questions of running.

If you like running, then come to our training in Innsburck! Here you can find the days, when we have training: Time for training.

Be part of it! – We are glad to meet you!

We are looking for sponsors!

The Running Club Refugees Run is looking for sponsors and partners. We want to support Refugees and displaced persons to live their dreams in running. We support them with a good training and give them the possibility to start at competitions. But for exxery competition we have to pay fees for starting. Beside these fees some of our members need good running shoes. For all that we need financial support.

Here you find all the information how you can get a sponsor:Sponsoring



Laufverein Refugees Run, Innsbruck